[REFURBISHED]Dreame W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Clean Mop Dock

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Australian authorized service Centre refurbished.

Grade: B - slightly used sign 

Tackle dirt, stubborn stains and anything else that ends up on your floors with the Dreame W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop with Self Clean Dock! Built to clean both wet and dry mess while automatically detecting what type and what intensity is needed, it has the powerful cleaning power that spins 180 times per minute to ensure no messes are missed and every stain is thoroughly scrubbed. With a 6400 mAh battery, 4000ml clean water tank and dirty water tank, internal cleaning capabilities and an auto-dry system to clean the pads, this powerful machine requires little manual assistance from you!

Product Features:

  • Packed with two rotating mop pads and 4 000Pa max suction, the W10 tackles dirt and stubborn stains at the same time
  • When the pads get dirty, W10 automatically returns to the dock, which then sprays water on the pads while the nozzle at the bottom of the dock deposits the dirty water into the waste-water tank to prevent cross-contamination
  • The two water tanks, one for clean water and the other for dirty, eliminates the need for frequent refilling or dumping
  • W10 hugs walls and corners closer thanks to its D-shaped design, while the side brushes catch debris from the edge and the powerful 4 000pa suction removes dirt and dust more effectively
  • Ultrasonic carpet detection ensures W10 recognizes the carpet in advance and plans the route according to its current cleaning mode
  • Choose from 3 modes via the app—vacuuming, mopping, and all-in-one cleaning
  • With Amazon Alexa, just say the word to have your home automatically cleaned

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