[REFURBISHED]Segway Ninebot F30 Electric Scooter

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Segway Ninebot KickScooter F30 - 100% Australian authorized service Centre refurbished

Low Odometer: Less than 100km 

Condition: slightly sign of used 

The Segway Ninebot F30 Electric Kick Scooter is a feature-rich electric scooter offering a great reliable entry level ride for commuters, first time riders and older teens. The Ninebot F30 is equipped with an extended 30km range, thanks to the front 300W motor, a max speed of 35km/h, large 10" tyres, and Bluetooth security lock to keep your E Scooter safe!

Harness the power and freedom of convenient and efficient transportation with the Segway Ninebot F30 Electric Scooter. Crafted by Segway Ninebot, known for their innovation and reliability, this e scooter is designed to revolutionise your daily commutes and urban adventures.

Equipped with a dynamic 300W motor, the Ninebot F30 effortlessly reaches speeds of up to 25km/h, ensuring you swiftly navigate all that life throws at you - from the daily commute, to running errands and everything in between. With its robust 275Wh battery, experience an impressive range of 30km on a single charge, meaning you will be able to enjoy stress-free travels.

The F30 boasts a remarkable 15% hill-climbing capability, allowing the rider to breeze up city inclines without worry. Built with 10-inch self-healing pneumatic tyres, this E Scooter will effortlessly cruise through city terrain, whilst reliable front E-ABS and rear mechanical disc brakes will guarantee the your safety and control.

Sleek and compact not only is the Ninebot F30 an aesthetically pleasing E Scooter, it is also super functional in the life of a busy commuter. With quick and easy folding, this E Scooter folds down to effortlessly fit in your car boot, under you work desk, on public transport and more! With a low weight of only 15.1kg, the F30 is easily carried and conveniently stored, meaning it is the perfect last mile transportation solution.

Fitted with 10" pneumatic tyres, this entry-level E Scooter effortlessly takes on city terrain, while the reliable front E-ABS and rear mechanical disc brakes guarantee your safety and control.

Designed to carry riders up to 120kg, the resilient carbon structural steel frame ensures durability, reliability, and a comfortable ride, whist the reassuring IPX5 water-resistant rating means you can confidently tackle most environmental situations.

#Please Note All Refurbishments are not applied manufacturer warranty.

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