[REFURBISHED]Segway Ninebot Kickscooter C20 Electric Scooter

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Australian authorized service Centre refurbished C20 kickscooter.

condition: slightly used sign

low odometer: less than 100km

One push on the hand brake and you are safe!

In order to ensure the safety of your teen, the Ninebot C20 is equipped with a high-performance hand brake system that also has the EBS energy recovery when braking: no energy goes to waste!

High-performance and Compact Battery Design

The battery pack integrates the lithium-ion battery, controller, and smart BMS (Battery Management System) into one compact module which is situated in the footboard to lower the centre of gravity: this gives more stability for your teen's ride.

One press on the thumb throttle and the fun begins!

The thumb throttle has moderate resistance and responsiveness depending on the riding mode. Thanks to the 150W rated power of the motor and a simple press on the throttle, the e-KickScooter can go up to 10km/h with the Safe mode and up to 16km/h maximum speed (with Turbo and Cruise modes).

Wear-resistant, Comfortable to Ride Solid Rubber Tyres

The high elastic solid rubber tyres are designed to be wear-resistant so no need to inflate the tyre and good news, they are also maintenance-free! In addition, the tyre tread has been redesigned for better grip and anti-skid performance for the teen to ride with more confidence and therefore more fun!

Try out the ambient lights with the C20!

This is the feature that any teen would like the most. With each riding mode, a different ambient light will be lit under their footboard:

- In Safe mode, the lights turn red and are pulsing;

- In Cruise mode, the lights pulse in a blue colour;

- But in Turbo mode, the lights are pulsating in many colours!

Easy to Assemble and to Store

One of the advantages of this eKickScooter is that it is easy to fold and unfold with the 2-step folding mechanism. You only need one hand to fold/unfold the eKickScooter before easily storing it away. Additionally, with a lightweight of 10kg, the ZING C20 is easily transported until the teen begins to ride.

 #Please Note All Refurbishments are not applied manufacturer warranty. 

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