Segway Ninebot C2 Pro Electric Scooter

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Embark on exciting adventures with the Segway Ninebot C2 Pro Electric Scooter!

Immerse yourself in a world of excitement with the Segway Ninebot C2 Pro, an electric scooter that seamlessly blends safety and boundless fun for young explorers aged 6 and above.

Dazzling RGB Lights

Elevate the fun factor with the C2 Pro's dazzling light and sound effects. Featuring a 256-color RGB ambient light, your young rider can personalize their scooter for a distinctive, eye-catching look, turning every ride into a vibrant experience that reflects their personality.

Blast Tunes With The Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

The built-in Bluetooth speaker adds another layer of excitement. Your child can cruise to their favorites' tunes, transforming each journey into a personal soundtrack. The scooter becomes not just a mode of transportation but a mobile dance party on wheels.

Adjustable Height To Suit Children Of Many Heights

The adjustable height feature ensures that the C2 Pro grows with your child. As they continue to explore and grow, their scooter can effortlessly adapt to their changing needs, providing a comfortable and customized riding experience.


Steady Riding & Maintenance Free
To give parents peace of mind and to provide kids with a steady riding experience, the C2 Series adopts 7-inch inner hollow tyres with 1.6-inch width. They are also puncture-proof and maintenance-free with a better shock absorption capability compared to solid tyres, making your kid's ride more comfortable.

Easy to operate, even for small kids!
The KickScooter C2 Series comes with a high-performance mechanical drum brake as it comes more naturally to kids for braking this way. It has been specially designed with a small gripping distance which better fits the little hand size of kids.

Sensitive Acceleration with the Thumb Throttle
The thumb throttle has moderate resistance and responsiveness depending on the riding mode. This makes it convenient for kids to control the driving speed and fully enjoy the ride!

Unfold, ride, fold and repeat!
With a one-step folding mechanism, it can be quickly put into the car trunk, suitable for a family outing, or be stored at home after a great ride with friends. It is also easy to carry thanks to its light weight (10.5kg).

Get the most out of your KickScooter with:

  • 256 colours RGB ambient light.
  • Light rhythm changing with speed.
  • Bluetooth speaker for music and beats.
  • Intelligent voice assistant.
  • Surfing style design for cool kids and teens.

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