Segway Ninebot F2/F2 Plus/F2 Pro Scooter

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Introducing the NEW frontier for commuting, the Segway-Ninebot F2 Electric Kick Scooter.

The Ninebot F2 Scooter by Segway offers a reliable entry-level ride for e scooter commuters, first time riders and older teens. Equipped with an extended 40km range, thanks to the 350W motor, and a max speed of 25km/h and 18% hill climb ability, the Ninebot F2 is a fun and affordable Scooter, perfect for commuting or leisurely rides. Ensuring the rider enjoys a smooth and safe journey, the F2 is fitted with a dual braking system, wider handlebars for increased rider comfort, and upgraded puncture-resistant 10-inch tyres for a worry-free excursion.

With a low weight of 17.2kg, the portable and foldable F2 is easily stored in the home, car or workplace, and effortlessly carried onto public transport during the commute. Reliable and comfortable, this electric scooter is fitted with regenerative brakes to keep your battery (and you!) going.

Your ride, your way! The Segway F2 Scooter is equipped with three riding modes for every occasion: further, faster or both, it’s all up to you. Depending on your mood, you can choose to ride long distances on ECO mode, ride fast with Sport mode or a combination of the two with Drive mode - just double-press the button on the dashboard and away you go. New to the F2 Series is a customizable Sport Mode, accessible via the Segway-Ninebot mobile app.

Manage your trip on your smart app… it’s like having a built-in smart riding assistant - featuring Bluetooth connectivity, scooter locking system, riding status, remaining battery visibility, and so much more!

The new F2 offers safety features galore! The value-for-money E Scooter is a versatile and well-constructed E Scooter, with a resilient, high-strength structural steel frame for rider support and stability. Be safe and be seen, during the day and night, thanks to built-in front and rear indicators, bright LED headlights and brake lights.



10" industry-leading anti-puncture tyres
Make it easier to ride over obstacles, and ensure you enjoy a smoother ride. Cross 5cm high speed bumps easily without stopping, so you don’t have to worry about bumpy gravel roads and numb hands.

Resilient high-strength structural steel frame
Tough and durable frame with max payload of up to 120kg, ensuring the scooter is sturdy and capable of all your commuting needs.

Compact and easy to store
Quick fold down mechanism making the F2 super convenient and portable, able to fit in the back of your car and under your desk at work with ease.

3 different modes for all situations
Equipped with a LED display Real-time display of battery level Quick mode switch. Eco mode - for extended range, suitable for low battery. Sport mode - Faster climbing ability, most suitable for slopes. Drive mode - A perfect balance between speed and battery life, suitable for daily travel.

All the range and speed for daily commutes
The impressive 350W motor allows the commuter to maintain a speed of 25km/h with ease and reach distances of 40km on a single full battery. Make your work commutes and errands stress free and easy on the F2 Scooter!

Impressive mobile app functionality
Connect the F Series with the Segway-Ninebot app via Bluetooth to monitor your riding status and data, lock your kickscooter and upgrade the firmware and enhance the overall riding experience.




 Riders who need a reliable everyday mode of transport.
 Riders that are looking for a great comfort & power balance.
 Riders looking for a hassle free and low maintenance electric scooter.
 Everyday users who require power, distance and comfort on their ride.
 Rider looking for a easily portable and effortless folding ride for small to medium commutes.

 Children under the age of 14
X Off-road use
X Riders of more than 120kgs weight

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