[REFURBISHED]Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter Max G2

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Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max G2 - 100% Australian authorized service Centre refurbished

Low Odometer: Less than 100km 

Condition: slightly sign of used 

Key Features

Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter Max G2

On city roads, back alleys, or gravel paths in the countryside, the Ninebot KickScooter MAX G2 will be your perfect companion!

  • Theoretical Range up to 70 km (43.5 miles)
  • Up to 22% easy climbing
  • 10 inch Tubeless Pneumatic Tyres with jelly layer
  • Front Hydraulic + Rear Spring Suspension
  • Rear-wheel drive with max. power of 900W

RideyLONG™ self developed technology

Powered by the newly developed RideyLONG™ technology, the theoretical range of the MAX G2 is effectively improved. RideyLONG™ coordinates between the high-performance brushless motor, newly developed long-range formula tyres and the optimised controller algorithm which all together, offers an extra-long range of up to 70km on a single charge.

Confidently explore all city roads

For enhanced riding comfort, the MAX G2 features a double suspension system, including a hydraulic damper at the front and a double spring suspension at the rear, ensuring a smooth ride over obstacles like steps, gravel roads, and speed bumps.

KickScooter MAX G2

Anti-skid TCS for ultimate control

Segway-Ninebot leads the way by introducing the Traction Control System (TCS) technology to the KickScooter, enhancing stability and safety on gravel tracks or slippery roads. The MAX G2, developed with Ninebot’s precision controller algorithm, offers improved traction for a safer ride.

KickScooter MAX G2

Enhanced tyre technology

Equipped with upgraded 10-inch self-sealing tubeless tires, the MAX G2 ensures top-notch performance, enhanced durability, and adaptability on diverse road surfaces. Plus, the built-in jelly layer within the tire automatically seals punctures up to 4mm in the tread, providing you with worry-free riding.

KickScooter MAX G2

Integrated turn indicators

The integrated turning indicators on both the front and rear of the Ninebot MAX G2 are meticulously designed to ensure your safety while making turns, whether it’s day or night.

Advanced battery management

Thanks to Segway Ninebot’s advanced Battery Management System (BMS) featuring a total of 7 protective mechanisms, you can count on both the longevity of your battery cells and your safety throughout your ride. Get ready for an unparalleled and extended riding experience.

KickScooter MAX G2

Effortless charging for endless adventures

With its built-in 3A fast charger, all you need is a cable to recharge your KickScooter. After approximately 5 hours you’ll be fully charged and set for exciting new adventures on your MAX G2.

KickScooter MAX G2

Swift and simple folding

Fold and unfold your KickScooter in just three easy steps, making storage and transportation a breeze whenever you need it.

KickScooter MAX G2

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